Garden Heart offers an onsite design consultation where we meet in your outdoor space and exchange ideas. This will assist us in providing a clear design and construction plan with the aim of creating a well-defined vision for your new outdoor space.

The consultation takes around 60 – 90 minutes during which our qualified landscaper discusses various options and products tailored to your aspirations and garden. After the consultation we forward you a design proposal which will outline the fees to develop a concept plan. Fees vary depending on your location and will be discussed when you contact us.

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We know that everybody is unique and has their own tastes and needs. Because Garden Heart takes these needs to heart, each project is tailor-made. We use a series of steps to develop your garden design. Our aim is to assess what we need to create a balance between the established elements in your outside space with the softer, movable elements.

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Concept Plan

The concept plan is a detailed list of what will be used to create your new outdoor space. It is a complete plan encompassing every element of your new garden, including landscape design elements, a list of recommended plants, and materials and drawings that will be used. The concept plan is created with the aim of giving you a clear vision of your garden. At this stage you will also receive a quotation for installing your new garden. Once accepted, we will provide you with a start date should you need us to install it.

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3D Design Renders

Our 3D design package produces realistic 3D images. It includes a top view layout detailing dimensions only and a set of highly detailed 3D images of your proposed garden design. These images will provide a clear visual of how your outdoor space could be transformed. After this part of the process, you can make one additional set of minor changes (included in your package price). And if you need broadscale changes, we can always do that at an hourly rate. Once the drawings are completed and we have given you a final quote that includes construction and installation, it is finally time for the most exciting step – installing your new garden.

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Our experienced and professional team of gardening gurus will work together to install your garden with the highest quality materials, placing focus on efficiency and ensuring the process is rewarding. We take care of the project from the very start, from budget management and design, to procurement and quality control, until we’ve created a unique space and a beautiful garden for you. A complete service solution means you simply get to enjoy your new space, while we handle the nitty-gritty from start to finish.

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Whether you need the outdoor space of your home to be transformed, or have a commercial space that needs a revamp, we can assist you with creating a functional and sophisticated space that looks great and creates an ideal atmosphere. Our exterior styling consultations can extend to interior plant styling, creating a natural flow between your outdoor and interior spaces. We also source and supply high quality outdoor products that complement your design perfectly. After consulting with us you can choose whether you want to make use of any of our services of styling and landscape installation, or continue with our ideas on your own steam.

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