Green Is Good

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Whether you’re a green-thumbed gardener or a desk plant lover, a vibrant green garden has proven beneficial in more ways than just home improvement. Spending a few hours a week tending to various flowers, succulents and shrubs not only enhances your house, but your health and lifestyle too!

Lose weight without eating the greens

Gardening is a great way to stay active, even during the colder months. An hour or so of mulching, shoveling compost and clipping stems works out the same as almost double the time spent lifting weights in the gym! Who knew plants packed such a punch.

Going green and stress-free

Apart from physical benefits, gardening is good for the mind too. While the aesthetic side of gardening is definitely advantageous, spending one-on-one time with Mother Earth brings an inner sense of calmness, accomplishment and gratitude. Your hard work pays off, giving you a feeling of success, and a garden that looks good and feels good!

Finding your happy place

Gardening can work as an alternative to meditation, for those who struggle to sit still. The methodical and intensive work it provides helps ‘turn off’ the noise of our ever-busy lives, leaving us feeling as refreshed and clear-headed as a successful session of meditation might – with a handful of other benefits meditation doesn’t offer.

Look good, feel good

If you believe in Feng Shui or positive spaces, gardening is your hidden calling. Even if you don’t – an outdoor space that looks good will feel good, too, boosting your mood, renewing your energy and refreshing your senses each time you enter it. A garden which does this is a garden on which time was well spent.

Get the kids involved

Make this your family activity and not only will your entire household experience the benefits of gardening, but everyone gets to learn something!